Halibut Fishing

Westport halibut fishing offers visiting anglers the opportunity of a lifetime to go fishing for the giant halibut. The depth of the water that holds halibut is usually between 600 and 700 feet. Our fishing vessel might have to travel as far as 50 miles from Westport in order to fish for halibut, depending are where the fish are located on the edge. The edge of the continental shelf is the fishing grounds for halibut, which about 25 miles from Westport. For that reason, this fishing trip usually leaves before daylight.

Fishing for halibut requires a considerable amount of corporation and organization. The Westport halibut fishing Captain has to be in constant communication with the other fishing vessels in the area whenever he is approaching the fishing location in order to determine the drift and the current. Visiting anglers have to man their fishing equipment and get ready to drop their lines into the water after being told to do so. It is critically important that all visiting anglers wait to drop their lines into the water simultaneously. By not dropping their lines into the water simultaneously, they will minimize the chances of catching halibut because the result will be tangled lines.

It takes a considerable amount of time for the line to reach when fishing in 700 feet of water. It takes even more to reel the line back in when it includes a lead weight that weighs two pounds.  There is a lot of work involved considering the visiting angler has a large halibut and two pounds of lead weight to reel in when fishing in 700 feet of water. The halibut will weigh between 10 and 100 pounds. What the halibut is biting on at the time will determine the size of the average fish that is caught. It isn’t uncommon to catch halibut that weight more than 40 pounds. There are some really large halibut in the Pacific Ocean.

Catching halibut is a demanding and physical challenge. It is a strenuous workout for the torso and arms to reel in a halibut that weighs 100 pounds from the icy depths of Westport. Halibut is a popular sport fish for visiting anglers and a primary species in the commercial fishing industry around Washington. Westport halibut fishing can help visiting anglers locate these bottom fish.

Westport halibut fishing provides guided halibut fishing trips into the waters around Westport. We provide fillet and bagging of fish, fishing gear and tackle, foul weather gear, hot coffee, boat service, and fishing guides on halibut fishing trips. Visiting anglers will need to a valid Washington fishing license, which can be bought from a local sporting goods store in Westport or online from the website for the WDFW (Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife). There are smoking and shipping available for the visiting angler’s catch available on the docks in Westport. Visiting anglers may very well see marine life such as orcas, sea birds, and sea lions during our fishing trips.

Visiting anglers should bring any motion sickness medications that they might require, a camera, rubber boots, extra layers of clothing for cold weather, snacks, extra drinks, and their lunches with them for their halibut fishing adventure. Since halibut fishing trips may take visiting anglers out as far as 50 miles from the harbor, they need to be prepared for rough seas. It usually takes about one and a half hours to reach the prime halibut fishing grounds.

Many visiting anglers consider halibut to be the best tasting white fleshed fish in the world and these fish command high prices in restaurants and seafood stores. We will usually do some fishing for ling cod on the way back to the harbor if everyone catches their limit of halibut early. The limit on ling cod is two per visiting angler and one halibut per visiting angler and no minimum size restriction on halibut.

However, the additional day on the weekends to fish for halibut should provide more access to the halibut fishery in this region. The reason for the shorter season is to compensate for exceeding the halibut quota last year. The recreational catch quota is set early each spring. It is difficult to know exactly how long the quota will last because the fishing season on the coast can be affected by the weather.

Westport halibut fishing also offers other sport fishing trips in the Westport area.