Bottom Fishing

Bottom Fish Trips – Pacific Rockfish & Lingcod

Bottom fishing trips are great trips for everybody, especially children who are ready to try ocean sport fishing for the first time. During peak season, we use live anchovies as bait – the kids love this. Rockfish are pretty easy to catch, also another reason for you to introduce your kids to ocean fishing with a Bottom Fish adventure!

Bottom fishing trips run between mid-March and October. The drive to our favorite fishing rocks can take between 1- to 2-hours, depending on weather and if fish the are biting. This is a great time to enjoy the scenery – you’ll see the Olympics, Mt Rainier, and crab boats out working their gear.

Lingcod can weigh in between 15- to 40-lbs (make sure everyone has a $5 Derby Ticket).

Bottom Fishing Ranger

Many people prefer these tender white fillets. There is always plenty of rockfish and ling cod fishing action. These bottom fishing trips are an experience of a lifetime. Ocean Sportfishing bottom fishing can provide visiting anglers with the appropriate fishing tackle.

Usually the largest rockfish are at a depth of as much as 150- to 300-feet.  Rockfish weigh between 2- and 5-lbs.

Westport bottom fishing provides an opportunity for everybody on-board to catch a limit of rockfish and then complete the day fishing for ling cod. The fishing vessel will leave Westport and head up the coast between seven and 20 miles. During the boat ride to the fishing grounds, visiting anglers may see many different kinds of marine life. The fishing grounds for rockfish and ling cod contain many rocky areas on the ocean floor.

Your captain will let you know how deep to fish. Sometimes visiting anglers will be fishing between 150 and 300 feet deep and sometimes they will be fishing as shallow as 20 feet deep.

Westport is one of the best places on the West Coast to go bottom fishing because the fish are some of the best tasting fish in the Pacific Ocean. During the summer salmon season, you can make a full day of fishing by going on one of our “combo” trips. Call the office for more information. Come get hooked up on some Westport rockfish or some Westport ling cod.