Ocean Sportfishing Charters – The Best Fishing in the Pacific Northwest

  • Ocean Sportfishing Charters offers fast fishing action for a wide variety of popular
    Westport species
  • Our live bait albacore tuna fishing charters will leave your arms sore, and
    looking forward to your next trip
  • Returns for king and coho salmon keep getting better every year, and we can
    customize a fishing charter to target multiple fish
  • Halibut reach 150 pounds in the waters off of Westport, making it a premier
    destination for massive flatfish
  • Bottom fishing charters for lingcod and rockfish result in plenty of delicious fish,
    and are easily caught by seasoned angler and novice alike

Off the coast of Westport, some of the most sought-after fish cruise the ocean depths in pursuit of baitfish that gather in the currents. What angler hasn’t dreamed of a trophy king screaming line from the reel, or a massive halibut that makes your muscles burn with every violent shake of its head?

What you may not know is Westport fishing offers more than traditional angling opportunities common in the Northwest. Our albacore tuna fishing charters offer a chance to tangle with warm water fish known for their brute strength combined with raw power and speed. We can also target fish like lingcod and rockfish – fish that are plentiful, easy to catch, and perfect for a family outing.

At Ocean Sportfishing Charters, we put you in the middle of the action on one of our four custom vessels, each equipped with quality gear and everything you need for a successful day of fishing. We use our local knowledge of these famed waters throughout the fishing season, and we are eager for you to experience one of the best and most diverse fisheries in the entire world.

Westport Fishing Charters in The Salmon Capital of the World!

King salmon charter fishing is undeniably one of the ultimate tests for any angler, especially when you hook into a 40-plus pound giant. While there are times when a king’s bite is unmistakable, these big salmon often have a soft touch, and can steal your bait in the blink of an eye. Once hooked, kings will run in all directions, sometimes directly at the boat, and they may take you on a journey around the charter boat’s railing multiple times before finding the bottom of the net.

Fishing charters targeting silvers (coho) offer relentless action, and while they may not get as big as kings, silvers more than make up for it with their dogged tenacity and sheer will. Depending on the time of year, it’s possible to target kings and silvers with every cast.

Hooking and catching either salmon species on your fishing charter will require practicing a “mooching” technique. Not only is mooching the most effective way to catch salmon, it is a fishing method that gives you complete control over hooking and fighting your own fish. The professional deckhands on all fishing charters will help you refine and perfect your mooching technique, so that you can maximize your bite/catch ratio, and fill your freezer with delicious salmon fillets.

Westport Halibut Fishing Charters – An Ocean Workout

Fishing charters for halibut are popular with just about every serious angler. With fish reaching 150 pounds, halibut put a deep bend in your fishing rod and can make your muscles burn every time they shake their head or turn and run back down to the bottom.

Our halibut season is very short, so it’s important to book these trips well before the season starts. Because halibut charters focus on bottom fishing, our guests often catch other species including black cod, rockfish, and lingcod. Not only does this add some variety to our Westport charters, it also means you have a variety of fish to enjoy on your dinner table in the ensuing months.

Westport Bottom Fishing Charters – Just Plain Fun

While salmon fishing takes a certain amount of finesse, bottom fishing charters offer fast action for everyone – even if it’s your first time ever ocean fishing. The whole idea is pretty simple – drop your bait to the bottom and hold on tight. Some of fish we catch on our bottom fishing trips weigh up to 40 pounds!
We target both lingcod and rockfish on our bottom fishing charters. You can keep up to 7 rockfish, which commonly weigh up to 8 pounds, and are often caught two at a time. Lingcod top the scales at over 40 pounds and arguably fight better than a halibut twice their size.

Bottom fishing charters are perfect for families who want the kids to experience some fast and furious fishing, and appreciate delicate white-flesh fish for their dinner table. If you like eating halibut, then it’s likely you’ll love the moist, flaky flesh of lingcod.

Hold on Tight for Westport Fishing Charters for Albacore Tuna

While most anglers think you have to travel to the tropics to enjoy fast-paced fishing for tuna, many Washingtonians have discovered this incredible fishery exists in their own backyard. Our albacore fishing charters start up in late July and if you’ve never tried it for yourself, we highly recommend you give one of our two or three-day trips a try.

Westport’s waters are fertile with tuna, and the fishery is recognized as one of the most exciting in anywhere in the world. These silver and blue torpedoes range from 15 to 45 pounds, and first-timers often think they’ve hooked into something much larger.

Albacore tuna will strip line from the reel, make lighting fast runs, and will keep fighting long after you think they should be tired. In fact, albacore tuna can maintain swim speeds of up to 50 miles per hour! Compare that to the 22 MPH sustained swim speed of the king salmon, and you can quickly ascertain why our Westport fishing charters for albacore tuna are becoming more popular every year.

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