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Salmon fishing is hot!  You can keep any two Coho or Chinook 
Salmon season now open  Some of the best open water bottom fishing in the area happens with Ocean Sport Fishing Charters out of Westport, Washington. We target many different hard fighting game fish during the seasons when they are running in order to provide our customers with an authentic deep sea, Pacific Ocean fishing experience.Salmon home WEBWe regularly update our Fish Report and  Facebook Page to keep our customers informed about the current fishing runs – making it an easy decision about when to go fishing.Our “Throwback Thursdays” is a Special Offer to celebrate Westport’s 100th Anniversary.Join us on the ocean for a Bottom Fish Trip Discount. Also, share your “Oldie but Goodie” photos on our Facebook Page.We will ensure that our customer’s fishing trip meets or exceeds their Home Ling WEBexpectations because we can accommodate many different kinds of requests and have five boats to select from.On our sport fishing trips, we target various species of fish including Albacore Tuna, Rockfish, Lingcod, Halibut, Coho (aka Silvers) and Chinook (aka Kings). Regardless if our customers are novice or experienced anglers, they will be challenged by every fish they catch.


sal-webA Special Chinook Select Fishing season often beings in June where you can catch 2 hatchery Chinook. Things heats up by July where salmon fishing is open to wild Chinook and Coho.
Coho is another excellent sport fishing which gets going good by mid-June and continues on into August and September. Westport fishing for salmon is arguable some of the best anywhere on the planet. Indeed, Westport is nicknamed “The Salmon Capital of the World!”

Fighting a King is one of the ultimate tests for any angler. These fish are fast and big. Fish topping 50-lbs are not uncommon. They will rip line from your spool, challenge your strength, and take you on a journey around the boat multiple times before you have a chance to land them.

Silvers might not get as big as kings, but what they lack in size, they more than make up for in dogged tenacity. Get one of these fish on your pole and you will see acrobatics, speed, and power. Fishing for Silvers and Kings usually require anglers to practice a mooching technique that gives you complete control over hooking and fighting your own fish. Mooching is done by lowering your bait to a desired depth, and then fishing the water column as you reel back up.

Obviously, fishing in Westport for salmon can be non-stop, exciting, and result in plenty of fillets for the freezer. When you take one of our salmon fishing trips, our captains and courteous deckhands will give you a full rundown on how to hook and land your fish, and will do everything they can to make sure everything possible is being done to ensure your fishing experience is of the highest quality.


Bottom fishing is just plain fun! This kind of fishing is ideal for anybody who simply wants to enjoy some exciting fishing action and some great tasting fish to take home, especially kids, novice anglers and groups. Bottom fishing trips that we offer go after two of the white fleshed, mildest, and best tasting fish in the ocean: Lingcod and Rockfish.

Lingcod can place a considerable amount of strain on a fishing rod and weigh as much as 40-lbs. Rockfish usually weigh between 1- to 8-lbs. Bringing up 2 fish at a time is always exciting! Your limit per person is 10 rockfish: that’s a lot of fish tacos and fish ‘n chips!


halibut-webFishing for Halibut starts in early May. These fish can weigh as much as 150-lbs. Our average catch size is between 50- and 70-lbs. Landing your Halibut requires strength and stamina.

Our Halibut trips may include large Black Cod, Rockfish, or Lingcod. These are all considered bonus fish and our customers are always surprised every time they reel one of these additional fish into the boat.

This season is very short. If you haven’t booked by February, chances are slim you can get on a boat. Give us a call today and see if we’ve had any cancellations!

 ALBACORE TUNA FISHING ———————-Albacore Tuna

We encourage our customers to try tuna fishing if they have never done so before. The coast of Washington offers some of the most exciting tuna fishing found anywhere in the world! Most of our customers simply haven’t tried tuna fishing because they mistakenly believe that it is necessary to travel to the tropics to catch one of the fastest fish in the ocean. A 2- or 3-Day fishing trip for tuna will provide the best fishing experience of a lifetime.

In addition to there being a considerable number of albacore tuna, they usually weigh between 15- and 45-lbs. Usually, our customers who have never fished for albacore tuna believe that they have hooked a much larger fish when they first hook one.


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